Friday, 13 November 2015

21 Weeks Pregnant!!

Pregnancy brain is starting to kick in.....i forgot about my blog D: so, i have about a month to update ya'll on!!

So...the last time i updated ya'll i was around 17 weeks pregnant....well a lot has happened since then, we know the gender of the baby, although we arn't disclosing this information to anyone, so i will continue to refer to baby as 'he' as have always been convinced i'm having a boy! so our little monkey has gone from being a gymnast to a martial artist! these kicks and punches are really coming in heavy to the point where you can occasionally SEE the kicks from the outside!! Also....i may be allowed to deliver in the MLU after all as the scan showed everything to be normal and my epilepsy has calmed down too meaning i may get to have a normal pregnancy and normal delivery! yay!! Also, just lately, i have been getting into essential oils and learning what ailments they could possibly help with and so far i am loving my journey with essential oils and hope to continue to learn more about them! I think thats all i have for you today how about a bump pic? taken today at 21+1. also included below is a photo from my latest scan!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Sorry i haven't posted for a while. i'm now 17+5 and the pregnancy is going well. after a bad few days with my hypermobility syndrome i have finally been referred for physio by my midwife as she was worried with the progression of it! so physio starts at the beginning of next month. Aqua Natal is going well and pain wise it seems to be helping with my hypermobility too, so bonus!! baby has also made some improvements, its no longer just 'rolls' and somersaults i feel anymore, its full blown kicks, and they can be felt more often from the outside now too which hubby is thrilled about. i shall do another update when i'm 18 weeks.

Friday, 2 October 2015

15 Weeks Pregnant!

I know, I still havent uploaded a bump pic for 14 weeks, but i will, just bare with me lol!

Anyway, 15 weeks pregnant! wow, this pregnancy just seems to be flying by!! thats almost half way through D: now....lets see, what has changed this week, hmmmm.....movement! movement has definitely increased on the baby's part! i will quite happily lay there watching telly and all of a sudden i get either a big thump to the side or a full blown somersault, the somersaults are more common at the moment, and a few days ago William felt baby kick too, although he's convinced its just gas, of course i know differently because i felt it from the inside too! I have started Aqua Natal classes too, i went last week, but i was the only one that turned up so i was given a refund and a free swim, bonus! but this week, i went and 2 other mums to be turned up along with a trainee midwife, it was a 45 mins session, and believe me, they do not kid you when they say its harder than it looks! i thought it would be a walk in the park as because you're in water, the water takes most of your weight, wrong, yes the water takes your weight but with the resistance of the water it is definitely more of a work out, it was fun though! we all messed up somewhere along the lines which was quite funny! Round ligament pain is becoming more of a problem these days, although i'm hoping that the aqua natal will help strengthen my muscles and reduce the pain of my ligaments, we'll see i guess! Looks like i'm going to have to contact my midwife because i'm due for my 16 week check up next week and i still haven't received an appointment for it! typical nhs services eh?! also may need to contact my midwife soon because i have a bad feeling that SPD is already beginning to develop as hip pain is worsening :( Again, i'm hoping the aqua natal will help strengthen everything and help delay SPD for a while longer.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

14 Weeks Pregnant

I'm a day early, but have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow so won't get the chance to do my weekly update.

I don't have a bump pic yet either but as soon as i do, i will edit this post and insert the image.

So, this week has been rather eventful....not in the way i would like unfortunately though, baby is fine though, i'm just a little emotionally damaged.

Basically my blood family have all disowned me for being pregnant, i'm pretty sure my mothers worst problem is that she doesn't believe people with disabilities like mine should have children, she told me that when i got pregnant the first time round and she told me to have an abortion :/

So, it's just me, my partner and his family, after my little sister was nasty enough to tell me that my baby would be better off in care than with me. but aside from the downers of my so called blood family, my pregnancy is progressing nicely, still seizure free which of course is amazing, i haven't had a seizure since the day they told me i was pregnant, that was on 23rd july!

bump seems to be shrinking a little, and i think its because he seems to be hiding in my back lately, but hopefully he'll come back out so i do actually look pregnant rather than just fat haha.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

13 Weeks Pregnant!!

I'm now 13 weeks pregnant, and everything is great!! sickness is pretty much gone and the fatigue has reduced greatly! the only thing that has gotten worse is my asthma, but i can deal with that! My sex drive is back and higher than ever to my partner's happy surprise LOL! Bump is gradually getting bigger and i feel like i'm bursting out of all my pre-pregnancy clothes already, in fact last week i resorted to buying some maternity jeans and a few stretchy tops! little one has also been fidgeting away, as i can feel that now which can be a little distracting to say the least when i'm trying to sleep, but hey, i have another 6 months of him dancing on my bladder at night and then another god knows how long after birth of night feeds, so its all good preparation i think! health wise, i cant really think of anything else to update you all on, cant think of anything else to update you all on either for that matter. so, as i think i have said everything i need to say, i'm going to finish off with a bump pic which was taken today, in advance please excuse the dirty mirror.

Latest Scan Pic at 12+2 weeks

bump at 13 weeks

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Emergency Scan!

Last week i was left suffering really badly from hip pain which naturally i put down to my hypermobility syndrome, but the midwife was worried and urged me to contact the Early Pregnancy Unit which i did who then booked me in for an emergency scan for today. So, i went to the hospital for my scan and turns out our little peanut is very healthy and has long legs like his/her daddy and was wriggling and dancing like a gooden and also was sucking his/her thumb :') i cried lol. they then tried to look for my ovaries to make sure there were no cysts, the right one looked healthy but they couldnt find the left one which is a little worrying :/ anyways here's a pic of little bubba.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

11 Weeks Pregnant!!

So...this is officially my first post of this pregnancy. lets start from the beginning eh?! i'll make a separate post later explaining how i found out about this pregnancy.

this pregnancy so far has been pretty...ummmm....easy, i guess...that's the only real way that i can describe it! i've had next to no vomiting, literally i have only vomited 3 times in my pregnancy, and have had nausea the rest of the time, which providing i didn't let myself get too hungry was pretty easy to control, apart from morning because lets face it, you cant eat whilst you sleep!! lol. Nausea eased off completely about a week ago or so although have vomited once which i think was due more to stress than the pregnancy itself! the need to pee has been horrendous! the increase in urination started when i was about 7 weeks pregnant, going from not needing the toilet at all in the need to be woken up anywhere between 3am and 7am for the toilet! and of course....the belly, i started showing early this time too, except i'm much bigger this time, as this is my 2nd baby!

i was about 7 or 8 weeks here

and this was last week

obviously much bigger...everyone thinks i'm having twins!